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Golden Pioneer is a distributor of food, beverage and non-food products for the Hospitality and retail sectors. We partner with established and respected brands from around the world that offer the best quality products which combined with our excellent customer service makes Golden Pioneer a reliable source for quality products for restaurants, hotels, cafes, catering companies and supermarkets throughout the Middle East.

Estrella na
Free damm
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Free damm


Free Damm

Damm is one of the leading Brewers of premium beers in Europe and one of its most successful products is Free Damm a premium non-alcoholic flavoured malt beverage.
Damm has developed this exciting range of fruit flavoured malt beverages specifically for the Middle East market. Made from natural juices Free Damm is available in a range of flavours such as Pomegranate, Apple, Lemon and Date and are the only ones of their kind to use 100% natural fruit juices and all are halal certified.



Estrella Damm N.A

Estrella Damm N.A is a non-alcoholic beer and all the good things from Estrella are retained and offer a refreshing, premium quality drink every time. Estrella’s alcohol free beer is made to the same recipe as standard Estrella Damm, which is famed throughout the world, removing the alcohol through a ‘vacuum distillation’ process. You can expect a flavoursome beer with a golden colour, medium white head and the aroma of grains and fresh water, all without the bitter taste of other non-alcoholic beers.

Both Free Damm and Damm N.A are proud to be premium partners of FC Barcelona

Free damm
Halal cert



The Leitz family have been producing wines at their vineyard on the slopes of Rudesheim in Germany for generations and over the years have produced several award winning vintages and individual wines in their range are regularly highly rated by wine experts Robert Parker and James Suckling. Regarding the winemaking, one speciality and definitively the strength of Leitz winery is the strict collection of Premier Cru and Grand Cru Riesling vineyards combined with low yields and highest standard vineyard management. Johannes Leitz keeps striving for individual wines that reflect the terroir of their vineyards, purity is the maxim that rules each step of winemaking. His awarded wines are annually ranked among the highest rated wines in Germany and he gains an intense appreciation worldwide for the various vintage collections.
As an addition to their cellar Leitz Wein have developed a range of zero alcohol wines which have been perfected using the latest vacuum evaporation technology, which, unlike the previous methods of boiling off alcohol to produce zero alcohol wines, keeps the wine at a low temperature throughout and therefore retains much more of the flavor, structure and complexity of the wine without the alcohol. The zero alcohol wines, which include a Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, and Chardonnay, offer an original character with excellent depth, structure and weight making them close to a traditional wine. Simply put, these are an alcohol-free wine that tastes like wine.

Solo rosso


Sole Rosso

SOLE ROSSO (RED SUN), is a premium organic soft drink produced in Italy using only the best regional fruits hand-picked at the right point of ripening and cold squeezed to preserve their natural fragrance and tastes. Offering a range of delicious flavours; including Sicilian Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Sicilian Blood Orange and Blueberry, Apple & Pomegranate, Sicilian Blood Orange and a cola.




Imperdibile (the Italian word of unmissable) is a range of 12 premium Italian soft drinks and mixers that uses only the highest quality ingredients. Offering clients a selection including; Gazzosa, Baobab, Lemon, Cedrata, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Chinotto, Aranciata, soda water and their exquisite Dry Bitter, Superior Italian and Wild Botanical Tonic waters. This ramge is perfect for restaurants, bars, mini bars and supermarkets.



Pasta Paone

The Paone family have been producing wheat and pasta for in Formia, Italy for generations and the company is still family owned and run which ensures that the historical standards of taste and quality in every one of the many pasta’s they produce is retained. Carefully selected raw ingredients, including excellent quality durum wheat and pure mountain water that flows near the factory, ensures the quality of the product. Strict testing is adhered to checking for consistency, colour and the correct organoleptic properties. Many of the extensive range of shapes and types are now also available Gluten Free. In addition to their large range of excellent pasta’s, Paone also produce a range of excellent whole, peeled and chopped tomatoes and sauces.




Tai Ming Noodles
The Van der Moolen Family has been producing original and authentic noodles in a range of flavours since 1966. The family still own and manage the company and maintain the same high standards since noodles were first introduced in the Netherlands by their Chinese grandfather. Starting with the highest quality wheat the dough is rolled out using an ancient Asian process which gives the noodle a deliciously rich taste and unique structure which are then hung for 14 days in special drying cabinets. The result is a perfect rolled noodle, rich in flavor, with a firm bite that are perfect every time. Our range includes, Udon Noodles, Wok Noodles, Fine Noodles, Algea Noodles, Egg Noodles, Soba Noodles, Spelled (Organic) Noodles and rice Noodles.



Coffee Planet

Our chosen coffee brand supplier for our “in-room” coffee solution for Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotels across the GCC. Coffee Planet is one of the most popular and best established coffee brands in the region boasting an excellent reputation with food service, retailers and customers. They have been producing quality coffee from Arabica beans at their own roastery in Dubai since 2005 and offer a wide variety of coffee types and solutions and work with Golden Pioneer to distribute their capsule range to the Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotels.